Traditional Games

Traditional games scattered in the area of West Java, and is part of the folklore. Human tendency to enjoy a game that educates and encouraging, in fact universal, but each region or place has a different way. West Java community since ancient times has had a lot of games are done mainly by children in his spare time. When the traditional games in West Java we examine it turns out to be instructive; contains elements of physical education, accuracy, agility, power of thought, artistic appreciation (art elements), psychological freshness and so on. Outstanding skills that are entertainment in the form of folk games we encounter everywhere. Some kinds of people of West Java games are:

1. Bebentengan

The game is carried out by a boy or a girl as much as 16-24 people. This game requires a fairly broad with a size of approximately 10 X 5 meter2 so it can play freely, tools required several pieces of brick / stone as a fortress.

In terms of educational games is very good for the development of talent and help physical growth of children because it does not directly train agility and speed to run and work on vision in addition to learning how to outwit your opponent.

2. Dogdog Lojor

This game is a game complement of a traditional ceremony Seren Taun, Ngaruat and Harvest Festival to enliven the atmosphere.

Performers game dogdog lojor 12 people divided into 2 groups, each group consisting of 2 and 4 players dogdog angklung players, each group there are leaders, usually one player dogdog.

The game begins with vocal accompaniment of songs from the player with a simple rhyme-rhyme, they continue to move to the rhythm of the song in a circle. The players continue playing with ngadu event or compete. The game is done as motion-ucingan ucing, oray-orayan, ngadu drum / dogdog, ngadu sheep, ngadu road. Games that do adults is in addition to practice the skills play dogdog and aesthetic feeling as well as entertainment.

3. Gatrik

Gatrik game is a game for children aged 8-12 years, carried out by two people or up to 5 people.

Necessary equipment bamboo slats measuring about 40 cm long, 2 cm wide and 2 small blade, a brick and a rather broad.

The game calculates the distance to train skills, sense of responsibility and solidarity..

4. Ngadu Carbide

The game is for adults who use the cannon made of palm trunks / nut, the handle of bamboo and tin cans for a watered carbide.

The number of players is not necessarily dependent on the number of tools used. Contains elements of the match between groups, and carried out in the open which is quite broad.

This game is usually done at the end of the fasting month as entertainment, this game is now rarely performed because of the danger. Contained in Bogor and Falkirk.

5. Ngadu Muncang

A children’s play and adult male, a match between 2 owners pecans, can be done in the open or closed.

The tools used consisted of pecan contested, penggepit, pads are made of hard wood, cross-section bearings, and gegendir / bat of hardwood. There are elements among the players bet money on adults, while children stakes form of hazelnut or marbles. Besides the entertainment is also a great exercise chose pecan durability. Still made in several areas in West Java.

6. Oray-orayan

Games for children with a number of children about 20 people, conducted in a large open space. Using a question and answer dialogue between the player and the songs, there is no element of the game, just as a filler entertainment. This game trains dexterity, alertness and skill groups. Still done in some areas in West Java.

7. Cublak-Cublak Suweng

The game is usually done children aged 5 to 12 years, does not require a special place, just on the porch or in the shady courtyard.

Tools game just a small stone or marble.

The game was followed by a 5 to 7 people, one of them being jojodog hunched position as a place to put the hands of the players who win the lottery. While singing they mengelilingkan stones in their hands, which in turn are becoming jojodog have to guess in whose hands it is a small stone. This game can train sharpness sense, trained to read other people’s thoughts, and mental training suapaya strong when receiving ridicule from others.

8. Dustpan

Performed by girls aged 6 to 12 years, the equipment used in this game including brown beans, seeds cape, acid or castor bean seeds, while its bucket used as jackfruit leaves. The number of players at least 2 people, maximum of 5 people in a position facing each other while sitting.

Places to play normally on a porch-patio or porch tiled houses are tiled or board.

This game fosters a sense of sportsmanship, educate skills and accuracy. Contain elements compete to win this game there Priangan and surrounding areas.

9. Susumputan

These games do children aged 5 to 12 years, followed by a 4 to 10 people. One of them was a cat and others hid, that a cat had to find his hiding.

This game can train the senses, skills and speed moving train, train solidarity and mutual help please-. The game is still popular today.

10. Supercilious

These games are generally popular with older women, young and children, conducted dikala senggang.Alat time required a cavalier made of wood / plastic along with 98 grains of grains or kewuk / seashell.

The game is done by two people can be on the floor or on a table. The game calculates conceited practice the skills and training of responsibility to yourself and solidarity.

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