Thermal Baths Place Bogor

In addition to the Puncak, Bogor and a number of tourist attractions in Bogor other favorites, there is also a hot spring in Bogor which can refresh your body. Here is a third place in Bogor hot water that you should visit:

1. Hot Water Tour Mount Deconvolution Bogor

Hot water baths Bogor this one is a natural hot spring pools sourced from Mount Pancar. Location hot spring is located in Mount Deconvolution Babakan Madang area, located about 45 minutes from Sentul Circuit. The hot spring is located in Bogor protected forest of pine Mount Deconvolution.
Therefore, to be able to enter into this protected forest area, you will be charged entrance fee of Rp 2 thousand per person for domestic tourists, and Rp 5 thousand for foreign tourists. If you bring your own vehicle, the parking rates in the tourist area of Mount Deconvolution is Rp 1,000 for car or motorcycle.
Tickets go above has not included the cost for a hot bath. To be able to enjoy the hot springs of Mount Deconvolution Bogor, then you have to pay admission bathing pool there. The admission price is hot Mount Deconvolution is Rp 10 thousand per person. For vehicle parking rates in a hot water bath area, you have to pay Rp 2 thousand for motorcycles and Rp 4 thousand for the car.
Hot Travel Mount Deconvolution Bogor has a number of public facilities are quite good. There are pools of hot spring water, which is a common pool, family pool, and the pool 3 flavors.
You do not need to worry, because the common pool is divided again for visitors male and female visitors. There is also an enclosed hot water and keep your privacy, this is for you who do want a more personal atmosphere. You can use an enclosed hot water for your own, as a couple, or together with your family members.
If you want privacy, you have to pay a fee to get a private pool there, which amounted to Rp 25 thousand per person for an hour or Rp 100 thousand per family for one hour.
Hot water baths Mount Deconvolution Bogor, also known as hot water properties that can cure the disease. Therefore, there is a hot water treatment facilities in this tourist spot. Whenever you want a hot shower, hot tubs Mount Deconvolution is open 24 hours for you.

2. Travel Hot Tirta Sanita Ciseeng Bogor

Location hot water baths in Bogor is located in the village Ciseeng, Parung. Therefore, this places more often referred to as a hot water Ciseeng in Bogor. To be able to get into hot water region Tirta Sanita in this Ciseeng you will be charged entrance fee of Rp 8 thousand for adults and USD 6 thousand for children.
Meanwhile, to be able to soak in hot tubs Ciseeng then you are obliged to pay more to be able to soak. Price soak in hot tubs Ciseeng varies, from Rp 10 thousand to 50 thousand per person. In the tourist hot water Ciseeng this, also available various other exciting activities. Among these are children’s rides, lodging, mini water park, as well as places to eat.
This Ciseeng hot water sourced from Mount Cretaceous Ciseeng. Hot water content at this place is also efficacious in curing diseases such as rheumatism and sore. Tourist hot spot Tirta Sanita Ciseeng open to the public, open from 7 am to 8 pm daily.

3. Hot Water Tour of Mount Salak Endah, Ciparay Bogor

Among the hot spring in Bogor, hot tubs Ciparay is the most inexpensive. Location Ciparay hot water is located in the village Ciparay, District Pamijahan, Mount Salak Endah, Bogor. To be able to soak in hot tubs Ciparay, you only need to pay Rp 4 thousand per person.
You have to descend about 400 stairs to get to the place this spring. One of the favorite hot spring in Bogor is interested visitors because the atmosphere is still natural.
Also, available space to relax as well as stalls of local residents who provide a menu of coffee, sweet tea, boiled noodle, and other snacks.

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