• International Driving License is required for foreigners, and National Driving License for Indonesian Nationality.
  • The renter, will be fully responsible to any consequence caused by letting or giving the car to be driven by a person other than the renter written in contract.
  • Forbidden to drive the car to outside the island without approval of car rental company.
  • Payment and Cancellation: All payments are to be paid full in cash or credit card, upon signing of contract. If the renter wishes to return the vehicle prior to end of contract period, a fee of 50% of the remaining days will be charged. One-day rental charge will be charged to renter who cancels their reservation less than 24 hours on delivery day. Refunds do not apply to insurance.



Q: How does time booking started
A: Time calculated start since fleet/car leaving our garage, booking for rent a car with specific time/date please always estimated more time until fleet arrive at your doors. ask /contact for help estimating

Q: What happened if car stolen or damage
A: This probability we all hope to avoided, but to minimize risk  our fleet covered with insurance. First make sure your still holding the keys and papers (stnk-car paper and invoice), otherwise fully charge of vehicle cost may apply at this time and insurance will not covered. and for damage cost calculated per panel body and working hour service in garage.

Q: How fare was calculated
A: Rental fare calculated using based on time/daily service, please ask /contact us need plan for others prices deal.

Q: What if i wanted rent a car but didn’t have proper driving licensed
A: Basically you can use our driver service.