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As one of the city within the close to Jakarta, Bogor city is often chosen as a tourist destination weekend people in Jakarta and surrounding areas. In addition to visiting the tourism attractions, Bogor also many unique culinary interest. We collecting culinary tourism at Bogor you must be visit!!


Pizza located at Jalan Bogor Pangrango No. 21 is not just a regular shop. The dining area offers a culinary experience that is unique in Bogor serves pizza with firewood. In addition, this restaurant also serves a menu other than pizza, for example, fried rice, oxtail soup, chicken satay, cap cay, fu yung hai, kale, butter fried chicken, black pepper beef, sapo know seafood, shellfish sauce meadow, fried carp, fish grilled tilapia, until the honey sweet and sour shrimp.

Due to the use of wood burned in a furnace, the pizza shop we offer a tasty and delicious pizza. Size pizza at Shop We are quite large and consists of 7 pieces of thin pizza sprinkled with cheese. Firewood pizza price is 60,000 Rupiah We shops.


Recently, the House Cupcakes are popular among lovers of culinary Bogor, especially teenagers. As the name implies, Home Cupcakes is located at Jalan Sanggarbuana Number 4 is famous for its cupcakes. Culinary treats using colonial house white colored also presents an attractive interior with white dominant color.

Cupcakes flavors to choose from include: strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, red velvet, blue velvet, and others. In addition to cupcakes, culinary attractions in Bogor is also present: BBQ ribs, sausage patties BBQ, BBQ beef rice, rice rawon, cream soup, omelets, seafood, delicious dessert.


Baked Macaroni is located not far from the House Cupcakes & BBQ. Located at Jalan Salak No. 24, places to eat which has become one of the favorite hangout has a variety of interesting and delicious menu. The most favorite menu in this culinary tour is special baked macaroni topped filled with grilled cheese. Baked macaroni offered here have 3 sizes to choose from, ie small, medium, and large.

In addition to baked macaroni, eating places also have other menu options, including: roast chicken, ribs, grilled mushrooms, grilled scallops, brains, grilled, fried rice, vegetable rice cakes, rice lead, salads, and omelets.


Located at Jalan Salak, not far from the Garden Surya Kencana, precisely next to the restaurant Macaroni Bake, Lasagna Roll is a culinary tour of the owner is still the same with Baked Macaroni. Food was still included in the family of this pasta is cooked by using a rolled cheese, milk sauce, and also the typical tomato sauce Lasagna Roll so it seems no doubt delicious.

Lasagna roll consists of several flavors, including tuna rolls lasagna, lasagna roll chicken, lasagna roll shells, lasagna rolls and beef. Besides lasagna rolls, this restaurant also serves fried rice, pickled corn, salted fish, roll cake, sandwiches, bruschetta, cannelloni, salad rolls, seafood dumplings, steamed rice, rice lead, tuna steak, and also soup.


Pia Apple Pie Shop We are located across from the offering pizza firewood. Located at Jalan Pangrango No. 10, Pia Apple Pie is a culinary tour in Bogor to be missed culinary enthusiasts. Most pelanggang Pia Apple Pie will carry the food, so no need to worry about not going to get a seat or in the parking lot here.

The menu offered at Pia Apple Pie include: apple pie, chicken pie, pie crust, chocolate pie, strawberry pie, cheese pie, apple salad, apple fried rice, spaghetti sauce apples, roasted banana, caramel pudding, yogurt, and cream soup. In addition to standard pie, pia apple pie also offers a pie-shaped love (heart).


Death by Chocolate & Spaghetti (DBC) is one of the culinary attractions in Bogor most unique. What makes it unique? DBC is located in the area of Taman Kencana Bogor, place in Jalan Ciremai Number 22 offers suasanya eat mysterious place even frightening. Because the atmosphere at this restaurant made sehoror possible, do not be surprised if you see a waiter at the restaurant was also dressed like a ghost, even her menu is also shaped like a tombstone grave.

As the name implies, a menu mainstay at this eating place is a chocolate cake made in the shape grave, complete with tombstones made of chocolate. In addition to chocolate cake, Another favorite menu pancake pancakes skull and cobwebs. There was also the human heart pudding, ice eyeball frankenstein, chocolate pudding, pudding evil eye balls, ice fruit caramel, banana ice, mochi ice cream, salad, black rice, black pepper squid, and also spaghetti fuel.


In general, pickled vegetables and fruits contain, but not in Pickles Corn which is in Gang Wheels Suryakencana. As the name implies, pickles are sold by a street vendor for generations from 1968 using roasted sweet corn as the main ingredient, not vegetables or fruits. Grilled sweet corn is then doused with water chili and vinegar, then given sugar, creating a fresh taste, sour, and sweet. Usually Pickles Corn is open from 9 am to 6 pm each day and a half.


Agri Park, located at the back of Taman Kencana is a green garden does not have to pay admission. The park is suitable for play and learning is located at Jalan Taman Kencana No. 3, Bogor and in it there are many tempting culinary choice as soerabi bohay, saung ngariung, agri cafe, burger queen, sha sha cafe, and DS corner. Existing menu include: roasted rice, smoked chicken rice, rice bats, carp fry, fried beef, spiced chicken, cream of mushroom soup, salad, dumplings, pempek, batagor, fried rice, fried noodles, vermicelli godog, roasted goat, ribs fuel, meatballs, until the spaghetti and juice. In addition to culinary tourism, Agri Park You can also ask the children to play while learning the science of agriculture.


Cungkring not mean the body tall and skinny, but one of the typical culinary already famous Bogor. Cungkring a cow’s head and kikil cooked by using the yellow spice, then added with peanut sauce and rice cake as it is commonly used on chicken satay. In addition, it can also be eaten with rice mixed with grated coconut and tempeh. Cungkring merchants can be found in traditional markets throughout Bogor, or in Suryakencana Road, near the intersection Gang Aut. If you want to enjoy cungkring, should you come to Suryakencana Road about 7 am, because this cheap culinary usually are sold out at 9am.


Located at Taman Kencana Stump Hill No. 11, Momo Milk offers a variety of beverages with milk theme presented in a cute bottle. Selection of flavors that exist in Momo Milk is also quite innovative, for example caramel flavor, melon, grapes, oreo, mango, and others. In addition to milk, this place also sells milkshakes, tea, yogurt, batagor, fried potatoes, dumplings, pancakes, toast, chicken noodle, up to fried rice and cheesy chicken melt.


Still located in Taman Kencana, Fried Chicken Aroma does not offer the usual fried chicken but offering a tasty fried chicken with fragrant aromas, complemented with a spicy sauce. In addition to fried chicken, you can also order satay prawns, sauteed mushrooms, bakwan corn, boiled Tutut, tofu, tempeh, jerked, and others. In addition to the Taman Kencana, Aroma Fried Chicken branch can also be found in Jalan Pahlawan, Jalan Ahmad Yani, Dramaga Road, and Highway Wangun.


Waroeng Park which has the slogan ‘No point Ordinary’ is located at Jalan Taman Kencana 1, Bogor. Filled with lush greenery and plants, Waroeng park offers a menu such as fried rice, steak, chicken noodle, soup ribs, puyunghai, gado-gado, pempek, ice cream, pudding, fruit ice, and others. Where to eat in Bogor semi-indoor concept, namely the restaurant with a roof, but does not have a wall so cool atmosphere Bogor will be felt in this place. The price of food in a culinary tour is not expensive, only about 25,000 rupiah per portion.


What it Bapatong? Bapatong stands meatballs Kupat barrel which is one of the typical culinary Bogor most sought after culinary lovers. What distinguishes Bapatong with meatballs in general is the diamond and also diced diced beef ribs in it. Coupled with beef broth, meatballs, noodles, yellow noodles and dumplings, food usually eaten warm accompanied with ice Dower is very suitable for lunch. Dower ice itself is made from coconut milk ice frozen head coupled with sugar and slices of fruit and gelatin. Price of Bapatong not expensive, only 15,000 Rupiah only. Bapatong can be found at Jalan Taman Kencana, Bogor.


Beat beer is beer that is different from the beer in general. When the general beer contains alcohol, then Beer Beat Gang offered in Aut Suryakencana contains no alcohol and is made from spices such as ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and brown sugar. This drink is called Beer Shake because the manufacturing process is shaken until frothy and foamy like alcoholic beverages and then served with ice cubes. In addition to the location can be taken at a price of 3,000 rupiah per cup, Beer Shake can also take home at a price of 10,000 Rupiah 1 bottle.


Sop Fruit Mr. Ewok the slogan “Fresh, delicious, and inexpensive ‘is already quite long been a culinary destination in Bogor. Visited by various age, price in Sop Fruit Mr. Ewok is very affordable, only 8,000 Rupiah me for regular fruit soup, and 13,000 rupiah for durian fruit soup. In addition to the various types of fruit soup, culinary attractions in Bogor also provides batagor, pempek, chicken rice, rice lead, fried bread, brains, cane bread, dumplings, noodles chicken mushroom, chicken satay, nasi bogana, grilled rib-eye steak, and also dim sum. Sop Fruit Mr. Ewok address at Stump Road No. 5, Taman Kencana Bogor.

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