Bogor in the past

More than 100 old and new photos exhibited through “Historical Notes Bogor in Photos” in Bogor Trade Mall, Monday (23/6). The exhibition shows the history of the city of Bogor since the era of the Dutch East Indies until today. The exhibition will last until Wednesday (25/6).

How Bogor past? A photograph explain Bogor Station was built in 1872. Construction of the station was to speed up the movement of goods and people between Buitenzorg (Bogor) and Batavia (Jakarta), using the train, which previously relied on horse-drawn carriage.

Another photograph tells, in front of Bogor Station in 1910, built the Wilhelmina Park or Taman Kebun Flower. In 1970, most of the area is converted into a public transportation terminal.

But age does not last long terminal. Wilhelmina Park transformed into a park hat until now consisted of Ade Irma Suryani Park and Plaza Captain ploy. So, before the cap closed Terminal Park, visitors can take a train down in Bogor Station then cross over and continue the journey using public transportation. This is evidence that before it was converted into a park Hats, the public transport system in the city of Bogor been integrated.

Moreover, outside the gate of the station, when the terminal cap is still there, too crowded rows of wagon, tricycles, minibus. Visitors are free to choose to enjoy Bogor with various means of transport.

From a series of photographs also revealed that since the first was the Dutch think about how Ciliwung arranged so that the overflow of the water does not flood the Capital, by dividing the flow of water that empties into Cisadane Tangerang.

Another photograph tells the existence of Witte Pall (monument) which was built in 1839 for the return of Buitenzorg warning of mastering English to Dutch. The monument bearing the former Kingdom of the Netherlands serves as the primary triangulation point. Bogor marker coordinate location of the height above sea level. The coordinates required for the manufacture of a topographic map that covers a land area of ​​Java.

Indonesian fighters destroyed monument in 1958. Kinship with him is now a Dutch cemetery Terminal Merdeka, Ginger Kebon Markets and Wholesale Center Bogor.

Mayor of Bogor Bima Arya Sugiarto said the photographs were exhibited very important to prove the history of the city of Bogor in the course of the Republic of Indonesia. Unfortunately willingness to record the history of the writing and photo documentation is still weak. “Our culture is strong in the narrative, not the documentation, so that the past then easily forgotten,” he said.

The exhibition also shows there are many historic buildings remaining and maintained should be maintained.

At some time in the past, the city of Bogor named Buitenzorg because there are no problems or very comfortable and humane. Buitenzorg implies (in English) “without sorrow” or “out of difficult”. Buitenzorg quiet, where unwind.

This is the atmosphere of the square Bogor in 1870


This is a picture of the air Bogor

Kali ciliwung

Sungai cisadane

Desa Gudang

Buildings in the city of Bogor ancient

Building 1870 is now finished building IPB Bogor

Hotel Bellevue

Hotels page Belevue

Hotel Ducemin

Presidential palace is located in the Bogor Botanical gardens

Images of street Jl. Bogor-Jakarta

The long road to the presidential palace

Jl. surya kencana Bogor

Bridges Batutulis 1910

Bridges Batutulis 1920

Kampung cipaku

Rubber plantation cikemeh 1900

Kota batu

Laboratory animals 1930

Makam Raden Saleh

Musium Bogor

Nederland sindischeveeartsen school

Bogor market atmosphere of old

Map Bogor City when he was named Buitenzorg

Hospitals PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia) Bogor ancient

Kartini schools

Stasiun Batutulis Bogor

Bogor Station ancient atmosphere

Puncak Bogor earlier times

Well this atmosphere Villa at the top of Bogor ancient

Warngin Land

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