9 of the most beautiful beaches in west Java

Some islands in Indonesia has a very beautiful beach in West Java which is not inferior to the popular beaches such as Kuta Beach in Bali.

1. Beach of Tanjung Layar

The beach is located in the village Sawarna is unique because it is not dominated by sand like the other beaches, but is dominated by rocks. Here you can find a large rock with a height of 20 meters. You can enjoy its beauty while relaxing in Saung Saung around the coast.

2. Beach Ciantir

Ciantir beach is located not far from Tanjung Layar. Soft white sand and Cave LAYLAY be the main feature of this beach. No wonder Ciantir Beach became one of the most beautiful beaches in West Java.

3. Beach Ujung Genteng

This beach has a very remarkable beauty. Additionally, you can see the highlights of the Coast Edge Gant located in Sukabumi is seeing fishing activities are becoming an exciting scenery.

4. Beach Pangumbahan

Pangumbahan beach is located five kilometers south west tip Beach Hunk. Which makes this a very beautiful beach is soft white sand and turtle breeding facility. Maybe you can see the release of the baby turtles into the sea. Even if you are very lucky, you can see the turtles lay their eggs at night.

5. Beach Santolo

In addition to beautiful, you might be able to see the rocket that slid around the beach, located in Pamengpeuk, Garut. Because the headquarters Space agency (National Institute of Aeronautics and Space) there are around this area.

6. Beach Unfortunately Heulang

This beach is located not far from Santolo. Unfortunately Heulang beach famous for its beautiful sunrise and large waves. For the hobby with photography, this beach could be the right choice to visit.

7. Beach Rancabuaya

This beach is 20 kilometers away from Heulang Unfortunately, you can see the view of the sunset on the beach Rancabuaya. After enjoying the beautiful sunset, you can directly use Saung Saung located around the beach to enjoy the beautiful night while stargazing.

8. The beach on the island Peucang

In the Park’s Ujung Kulon is not only famous for one-horned rhino, but, here there Peucang which has beautiful beaches and charming. Some people argue that this beach is the most beautiful beach in West Java.

9. Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran Beach is the best beach on the island of Java. Clear water, the beach is relatively flat and the tidal range long enough made beach which is located in the village of Pananjung is very safe for swimming. Besides the beauty of the white sand, do not forget to visit the Cave of Japan WWII.

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