8 Traditional Food Typical Bogor

Did you know the city known as the city of Bogor besides rain Bogor also keeps its distinctive culinary offerings that could arouse your taste and make us addicted? If we visit the town of Bogor is not complete if we did not taste the specialties of Bogor, let us consider the typical culinary 8 Bogor.

1. Toge Goreng

It would be difficult culinary found in other cities. Toge Goreng, toge the “fried” water use, aka boiled, then mixed with yellow noodles, chunks of tofu and optional pieces of Kupat. Which plays an important role is processed seasoning tauco and poured oncom thereafter. Tamarind-sour taste Seger how so.

Many vendors Toge Goreng in the city of Bogor, some pretty famous example Toge Goreng Pak Inin (next to Hotel Royal, Jl. Juanda), Mang Gebro Son (Jl. Court), Mr. iWon (depang Supermarket Ngesti – Baranangsiang, Jl. Padjadjaran ), Mrs. Omah (side Stores Bogor Permai, Jl. Sudirman) and Ma Evon (Gg Iron, Jl Suryakencana).

2. Soto Kuning

Many people who had come to Jakarta to Bogor Bogor taste typical soto kuning. We can choose the pieces of meat such as beef and jerohan kikil, tripe, intestines, tongue, spleen, brain and others that will be processed with the typical yellow sauce of turmeric with coconut milk and a variety of other herbs that cause taste good. Want to try it? Please go Jl. Suryakencana, there are several vendors soto kuning that champion there as Pa Yusuf and Mr. Joseph (cuman different p and f :)) located near Aut Gg, or there is also Mr. Salam who sell afternoon in Front of Bank Mandiri Jl Siliwangi – Suryakencana. Cuman reply to Mr. Salam should be prepared with a fairly long queue of customers.

3. Doclang

Similar to Kupat know in Bandung, but Doclang use boiled potatoes and seasonings get tauco touch. Seasoning the beans are deliberately not eroded smooth, used for pouring rice cake, fried tofu and boiled potatoes. Doclang can be met at the Red Bridge area, Jl. Mantarena and Mr. Odih at Jl. Horse sand.

4. Cungkring

This one, even the Bogor itself was not much to know. Kikil and cooked cow head with yellow spice, then eaten with rice cake and a splash of sweet peanut sauce. Dry fried tempeh can also accompany this unique culinary. Served with banana leaves and skewer to help us poking these foods. Cungkring can be found mornings at Jl. Suryakencana, near the intersection of Gg. Aut, peddled by using pelvic cart.

5. Laksa Bogor

Diamond, rice noodles, bean sprouts and basil leaves, plus the yellow and hard-boiled eggs, all doused with coconut milk and imbued yellow spice from Oncom. Enjoyed while still hot, Bogor Laksa is a fun alternative to the hunt breakfast or brunch in Bogor. One of the vendors are quite famous Bogor Laksa is Kp Cincau and Laksa Laksa Gg Aut equally located on Jl Suryakencana. Also Laksa Bogor in Cihideung region.

6. Soto Mie

It seems that this is the most famous culinary Bogor in other cities. Evidently we can find many vendors soup noodles in other cities such as Jakarta. Indeed such a clear broth soup, but it is a mixture of yellow and vermicelli noodles are added beef and fried risol. Do not forget to add the chilli and orange running to enhance the taste. Many vendors Noodle soup is like Mang OHIM in the Yasmin, school depang Unity (Ranggagading), Gang latch (Jl Juanda), Side Bogor Permai (Jl Sudirman) and so on.

7. Ice Pala

Well freshness typical of Bogor city can be enjoyed in a glass of ice Pala. Nutmeg fruit is cut thin, mixed with water and added with ice and sugar. In addition to sweet and sour tinge, we also can feel the sensation like soda in this Nutmeg Ice. There are already selling fast food packaging in front of the intersection Indomaret Gg Aut and Suryakencana, or can also be purchased at Fry Toge Gebro Mang Son (Jl Court) or in Resto de’Leuit (Jl Pakuan)

8. Asinan Bogor

Sensation given by the typical spicy sour sauce of Asinan Bogor indeed make people kesengsem and “hooked” with culinary this one. This sauce can be in the “flush” on top of vegetables or fruit pieces accompanied by yellow crackers and peanuts as a complement. Asinan Mrs. Yenny (Jl Binamarga), Building In (Jl Siliwangi / Sukasari), Gg Wheels, Jalan Juanda and so are some of the many vendors in the city of Bogor Asinan.

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