15 Places in Bandung Mandatory Visited

Bandung has many interesting sights so crowded by tourists who live around Bandung. What are tourist attractions in London which must be visited?

1. White Crater Ciwidey

Ciwidey, about 50 KM south of Bandung, Ciwidey White Crater is one of the tourist attractions in London are the most popular, especially among nature lovers. White Crater Ciwidey, as the name suggests is a volcanic crater with a white ground. The white color is due to the sulfur content in the soil there. The main uniqueness of white crater is water that constantly changes color.

2. Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Located about 20 KM north of the city of Bandung, Tangkuban Perahu volcano is located in Lembang. The uniqueness of Tangkuban Perahu is a shape that resembles an upturned boat, according to the legend that says that Tangkuban Perahu is derived from a boat that was kicked up upside down by Sangkuriang. Tangkuban Perahu is a natural tourist spot that has become one of the tourist attractions in London’s most famous.

3. Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung is a tourist area located recreation game fused with Trans Studio Mall (formerly named Bandung Super Mall). In simple, Trans Studio Bandung is Dufan indoor version. Trans Studio Bandung is one of the regions largest indoor game in the world with more than 20 kinds of exciting game. The admission price is 150,000 Rupiah (Monday through Friday), and 250,000 rupiah on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to blend with the mall, Trans Studio Bandung also integrates with 2 international class hotel so do not bother if you want to stay.

4. waterfall Dago

waterfall Dago is a waterfall located in District Coblong, Dago, Bandung. Waterfall waterfall Dago is not too high, only about 10 feet high, but the hidden waterfall is very beautiful and interesting to look at. Dago waterfall is not too famous tourist ear, but no harm in trying to come to the waterfall Dago.

5. New Market

New markets are tourist attractions in London are ideal for lovers of cheap shopping. In New Market you will find various types of clothing and accessories at relatively low prices. New markets are tourist attractions in London are the most favored by tourists who came from Malaysia. To be able to get cheap goods with success in New Market, you should be able to bargain with the patient.

6. Observatorium Bosscha

Observatorium Bosscha is an observation point star located in Lembang, approximately 15 KM north of the city of Bandung. If you ever watched the first movie “Sherina’s Adventure” then you will feel familiar with this place, because the observatory is one of the film’s shooting location. If you wish to visit the observatorium Bosscha, you have to register first, could not directly come and go just like that.

7. Lake Situ Patenggang

Lake Situ Patenggang located not far from the White Crater Ciwidey, South London. Only about 7 KM from the tourist attractions White Crater, Lake Situ Patenggang visited by tourists because of the exotic scenery. In addition to enjoying the view of the lake with a picnic, you can also play water boat on Lake Situ Patenggang.

8. Kampung Gajah

Kampung Gajah located in northern Bandung is an integrated tourism area. Whatever kind of tour you want, can be found in Kampung Gajah. Start of shopping, culinary, to various types of land and water games can be found in Kampung Gajah so tourist area is very suitable for families.

9. Air Panas Ciater

Air Panas Ciater is one of the tourist attractions in London’s most visited by tourists because in addition to functioning as a means of recreation, Air Panas Ciater also have an influence for your health. Located about 30 KM north of the city of Bandung, Air Panas Ciater source comes from an active crater at Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Soaking in water sulfur Ciater very suitable for those who want to rest for a moment.

10. Bandung Zoo

Bandung Zoo, located near the ITB may not be the primary choice for travelers in Jakarta Jakarta because there was a zoo, but if you have small children it would not hurt to try a visit to Bandung Zoo because usually the kids really like to see the animals. In addition to functioning as tourist attractions in London, the zoo also serves as a place to gain knowledge about the animals. The admission price is not expensive Bandung Zoo, only 20,000 rupiah per person.

11. Home Fashion

Fashion House is a name of the most famous factory outlets in Bandung. Located at Jalan Setiabudi, Rumah Mode factory outlet is the largest, most complete, and the busiest in Bandung. Shopping atmosphere in the house is very comfortable and clean mode, so it is suitable for those who love shopping. The goods offered in Home Fashion ie clothing, shoes, bags, and other things that smell fashion. Most of the items in Home Mode is the rest of the export of goods that can be obtained with a relatively inexpensive price.

12. Saung Angklung Udjo

Saung Angklung Udjo is an art and cultural venues that is instructive. By visiting Saung Angklung Udjo we will be more familiar with the art and culture Sundanese musical instrument made of bamboo. As the name implies, Saung Angklung Udjo focusing on the preservation of cultural angklung now beginning to be forgotten. The event can be viewed at Saung Angklung Udjo is a puppet show, helaran, mask dance, and angklung orchestra. Every afternoon at Saung Angklung Udjo always held regular art performances.

13. Geological Museum of Bandung

Bandung Geology Museum is a museum located in Jalan Diponegoro, close to Gedung Sate. Looking like a museum, the Geological Museum of Bandung is the source of knowledge that is suitable for children. Aside from being a source of knowledge, the Geological Museum of Bandung also very fun for children because here they can see dinosaur fossils. To enter the Geological Museum of Bandung you do not have to pay dearly.

14. Paskal Food Market

Paskal Food Market is a favorite tourist attractions in London me. Paskal Food Market is the center of culinary duo with a number of food stalls very much. With more than 1,000 food and beverage menu, Paskal Food Market is the largest culinary center in Bandung. Paskal Food Market located at Jalan Pasir Kaliki.

15. Strawberry Gardens Ciwidey

Strawberry Ciwidey garden is a place where you can see and walk around in the garden strawberry. In addition, you also can pick their own strawberries. Strawberry have you learned it then be weighed and you have to pay according to the weight of strawberries that you have learned. My advice came in the dry season because of the quality of strawberry better than during the rainy season.

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