10 Typical Most Famous Food-at Bogor

Besides a tourist place, ogor also provides delicious culinary, some of which you can easily take home as a souvenir.  Curious about what kind of gift would be  interesting from this city? Here’s a summary of 10 souvenirs of Bogor that you must bring to people at home :

1. Bread Unyil Venus

What do you think  when you hear the word ‘bread unyil’? It could be that you think of a tiny, cute bread. Bread Unyil does have a small size, but the taste is guaranteed!The bakery provides unyil bread in a variety of flavors. Open from 6 am to 9 pm, the store is almost always filled with shoppers, especially on weekends.

If you come in the morning, you still can choose and get a taste of bread unyil each variant. But, if you come in the afternoon or evening, you may bot be able try all the variants. Some flavors of bread unyil oto try are corn, sausage cheese, banana cheese, chocolate and sugar apple with raisins.

How to get there: Venus  Bakery is located at Jalan Padjadjaran, Complex V point 1, just before Ekalokasari mall, if you come from Botani mall/Botanical Gardens.

2. Bolu Lapis Sangkuriang

Talas Bogor is very  popular among tourists who come to this town. However, what about the Bolu Lapis Sangkuriang? This sponge cake offers  a new way to enjoy taro Bogor, a typical root vegetable you can see sold on the streets. The cake consists of two colors: yellow and purple. To add a beautiful look and delicacy of flavor, this cake is available with a variety of toppings. You can choose anything from a topping of cheese, choco chips  to fried rainbow chips. Bolu Lapis Sangkuriang is also a good gift if you travel further, as it lasts  up to 4 days outside the refrigerator.

How to get here:  After tasting Roti unyil at Bakery Venus, make a U-turn ( heading back towards Botani mall/Botanical Gardens) and look for PHD pizza hut delivery sign. The Bolu lapis Sangkuriang bakery is next  to it.

3. Baked Macaroni of Bogor

Resto MP (Macaroni Panggang) has become one of the favorite culinary attractions in Bogor today. Located in Taman Kencana,area close to shopping outlets and Botanical Gardens, making this place is quite easily accessible. The baked  macaroni ‘s soft tasting filling includes cheese, macaroni, meat and cheese, and roasted grated cheese adds crispiness on the outside.

Baked Macaroni is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. For souvenirs, you should buy a medium or large size. But if you want to taste it first, please order the baked macaroni small size to be eaten on the spot.

How to get here: Resto MP is at the corner of Taman Kencana Park, not too far from Pia Apple Pie ( number 4).

4. Pia Apple Pie

Pia Apple Pie is another favorite of locals, located in Taman Kencana. he restaurant is located at Jalan Pangrango No. 10, a beautiful colonial house. It’s easy to feel at home here.

As the name suggests, the menu here is mostly consists of apple pie that can be enjoyed on the spot or take home as souvenirs. The apple pie with a heart-shaped  is perfect as a souvenir. The texture is crisp and crunchy on the outside, and the soft applesauce will make your taste buds dance. Here, there is also a pie with the other contents such as strawberries and blueberries. You can also try their savory pies.

How to get there: Pia Apple Pie in taman kencana, opposite a famous Kedai Kita restaurant.

5. Miss Pumpkin

Miss Pumpkin, as the name implies, offers delights made out of pumpkin. Also brownies and cakes made from pumpkin is available in a variety of flavors in between orange, brown, original and green tea.

How to get here: Miss Pumpkin has several locations, one in Taman Kencana and another, bigger outlet llocated at Jalan Padjadjaran Shop No. 84 H.  But as the store can be very crowded with buyers, you might have to prepare for a long queue.

6. Risoles of Risollaku

Risoles are small fried croquettes, and the best ones come from Mother Nisa who started her business after making the risoles for her husband and children, created Currently her risoles, Risoles are  available in various flavors are like ragout, smooked beef, chicken, cheese, tuna and mayonaise.

How to get here: This is one of the more trickier ones, as you will need to contact the owner first, Ibu Nisa HP:081311187835 . The Store is located at Jalan Ring Road Yasmin, Bogor.

7. Asinan Gedung Dalam

Asinan are pickled vegetables, delight which combines several vegetables.. Although asinan nowadays can can be found in Jakarta and other cities, the original asinan  of Bogor offer original sensation. Want to taste the typical native asinan Bogor? Come to Pickles Savoury House In The Street Siliwangi No. 27C or at Padjadjaran Road No. 1 Commercial Complex V, Bogor. There are two kinds of asinan, asinan  made from vegetables and asinan made from fruits, but you also order a mixed asinan. Asinan at Pickles Savory House are known to have a distinctive taste which unchanged since 1978. According to the owner, this is because the asinan are still using family recipes while maintaining the original sugar and no additional preservatives.

How to get here

8. Ubi Bakar Cilembu

If you are planning to visit Puncak mountain area of Bogor, you will have a chance to try the roasted ubi  of Cilembu. Sweet potatoes (ubi) can be easily found along the road to the summit. Although originally from area called Sumedang, this roasted favorite has become quite popular, especially in the Puncak road. The Cilembu  varieties are known for their ubi tasting like oney. Typical of roasted ubi bakar Cilembu is that it’s like sugar sticky liquid that comes out when potatoes are burnt. This makes the liquid has a ubi taste sweet potato special.

About the author: anita karlina