10 Places in Bekasi Mandatory Visited

During this time, many Jakarta residents who spent his vacation to Bogor, Bandung, or peak because they both have a great tourist spot. Whereas in a nearby city such as Jakarta, there are also interesting sights to visit.
As one protester city of the capital, Jakarta became the location of the construction of many residential and industrial area. In the middle of dense urban typical building, there are 10 tourist attractions in Jakarta that is not inferior to other cities. Here’s the summary:

1. Crocodile Indonesia Jaya

It is a tourist spot in jakarta are not to be missed crocodile lovers. Crocodile Indonesia Jaya is a crocodile farm located at Jalan Raya Serang Cibarusah, Sukaragam village. Before entering, you are greeted by a large crocodile statue on the front page of this crocodile breeding.
Tourist attractions which was built in 1990 has 5 large pool that can accommodate each 100 crocodiles. Swimming-pool is limited to 1.5 meters tall iron fence for the safety of visitors. Not only adult crocodile ponds, in captivity is also a crocodile eggs hatching room and a small pool for a baby alligator. Besides crocodiles, you can also find here the monkey cage.
Interestingly, you can watch the show Debus Banten where players fight crocodiles and snakes in the wild here. This show is held every Sunday and other holidays twice a day, at 11:00 and 14:00. If you missed the show Debus, you can still enjoy the sights in Bekasi this with as much pluck sapodilla fruit straight from the tree here.
In these places, there is a children’s play area ranging from a seesaw, swing up to the sled. While watching the kids play, you can sit back in the gazebos that have been provided.
To get into the tourist attractions in Bekasi this, you need to pay the entrance fee of 20,000 rupiah for one adult and 10,000 rupiah for one child.

2. Waterboom Lippo Cikarang

If a holiday to Bali too far for you, why not go to Waterboom Lippo Cikarang alone? Sign into this water play park area, you will find it was in Bali. Tourist attractions in Bekasi is designed very similar to the atmosphere of the island. Here, you can see Saung Saung black-and-white cloth decorated Balinese frangipani flowers around the pool and statues made of stone. In addition, you can also hear the strains of the musical Bali for being here.
These attractions offer a complete water rides ranging from 1.5 meters deep adult pool, pool for children up to the current pool. Adult pool is equipped with a net to play water volleyball and water sled challenging adrenaline. For children’s pool, there is a miniature boats and surfboards mini no less exciting.
Thirsty and hungry while swimming but lazy to move out of the pool? Relax. There Juice station in one part of the pool so you can buy juice while still in the water. Hmm, yes fun! Besides Juice Station this, there are many other facilities like food court, fish therapy pool and spa. There is also an outbound packets and eco-friendly to the group.
The price of admission sights are 55,000 rupiah for Monday – Friday and 85,000 rupiah for Saturday – Sunday and public holidays. Waterboom Lippo Cikarang is open from 10:00 until 18:00 every day.

3. Hok Lay Kiong Temple

Hok Lay Kiong temple is one of the oldest temple in Calcutta. No one knows for sure when exactly the temple which is located at Jalan Kenari, Margahayu, it was built, but it is expected this temple had stood since 300-400 years ago. Not unlike most pagoda, here red still dominates the building and all the ornaments.
Although it has been renovated several times, but some parts of the temple area of ​​650 square meters of pristine as the door, god statues, altars and pole. In addition to being a place of prayer for the people of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, this temple is also one of the tourist attractions in Bekasi which are visited.
On the main altar stands a statue of Lord Hok Lay Kiong, not far from the altar of this, there are still some other gods like statue Kwan Im. Goddess of love is a place to pray for people who want brought near his soul mate. To smooth sustenance, people will pray before the statue of Lord Tjay Sen Loya.
If you want to enjoy the atmosphere is different from other days, try to come up during the Chinese New Year celebration. At that time, the usual purification ceremony and carnival lion gods. There are also rituals Loose Damn, where do pelarungan paper contains Bekasi River and hope to release the turtles.

4. Building Juang 45

Juang building 45 or also called Tall Buildings may be an option for those who love history. Tourist attractions in this Bekasi Bekasi witnessed the people’s struggle against the invaders. In this place too much going negotiations on a prisoner exchange between the fighters and the occupiers.
The house was built in two phases in 1906 and 1925. The typical European architecture seen in the same building as other Dutch heritage, the most visible is the number of pole-sized and floral. Building Juang 45 actually is one of the five units of the buildings in this complex. The main building consists of two floors with four rooms on the 1st floor To get to the 2nd floor, there are two steps.
Juang Building 45 is not fully become a tourist spot because currently used as an office building Bekasi district. Nonetheless, you can still visit to see the old European architecture at once recalls the struggle of the people of Bekasi. Previously, this building also has repeatedly switching functions ranging from lecture building, the headquarters of the military to veterans legium office.
The building stands on a land area of ​​1,000 square meters and is located approximately 100 meters from Tambun station, or rather in Jalan Sultan Hasanuddin 5, Tambun, Bekasi.

5. Saung Rangoon

Saung Rangoon is an ancient stilt house in the village Cikedokan, Cikarang Barat. Saung, measuring 7.6 x 7.2 meters with a height of 2.5 floors above the ground floor. There are seven steps to go up to the main floor. The inside of the hut is a spacious open-plan room or window.
Tourist attractions in Bekasi was built in the 16th century by Prince Rangga who is the son of Prince Jayakarta. Prince Rangga establish this Saung as a hiding place when run from the pursuit of the Netherlands. Saung Rangoon recently discovered in 1821 by Prince Abbas. Although it has been renovated several times, but the buildings and ornaments are still largely original.
Besides being a tourist place, Saung Rangoon also be used as a ‘seek blessing’ by many people to bring offerings.

6. Lake Cibeureum

Tourist attractions in Bekasi has become a favorite location for cyclists around the community. On weekends, the area of Lake Cibeureum be crowded visited by cyclists from all over Jakarta. They used to huddle in the existing food stalls around the lake.
2-hectare lake has a small island in the middle of overgrown a large tree. Island in the middle of the lake is a favorite photo objects visitors. Besides hunting, you can also install a tent or roll out the mat for a picnic with family. Facilities at the lake is quite complete from the toilet, food stalls, souvenir shops until the benches overlooking the lake.
Administratively, the lake is located in two villages namely Coat Sari and Coat Jaya Village, District Tambun, Bekasi.

7. Estuary Coastal Shelf

Shoal Muara beach has white sand sloping brownish. Besides the beach, in this region there is also a nature reserve which consists of mangroves and some animals such as black leaf monkey and the crocodile swamp. The right time to come to the tourist attractions in Bekasi is between the months of September to February. In these months, going on migratory birds from the Pacific region to mainland China and stopped while in this nature reserve.
The beach is located in the village of Muara shoals Happy Beach, Muara Gembong, or about 2 hours drive from downtown Bekasi.

8. Travel Tree House

Travel Tree House is well suited if you visit with the children. these attractions offer outdoor recreation for adult children. Various game outbound and family you can do here, ranging from flying fox, wall climbing, paintball until pond fishing and toddlers arena.
Tourist attractions in Bekasi is very beautiful with lots of mature trees on site. As natural attractions, here you have to keep the freshness of the air so that the visitors who want to smoke have been provided special room so as not to disturb other visitors.
Travel Tree House is located at Highway Parpostel, Jatiasih, Bekasi. To support facilities, at sites already available mosque, toilets and food court.

9. Forest City

Bekasi, known as residential and industrial area turned out to have an urban forest that is comfortable to visit during the weekend. These attractions are located in the village of Margahayu, South Bekasi.
Tourist attractions in Bekasi was opened in 2012 and has an area of about 2 hectares. Here, there are a lot of trees and the air is relatively cool. Activities you can do include picnics, cycling and saw the breeding pigeons and finches.

10. Lake Maracas

Maracas lake located in Pondok Ungu, North Bekasi. These attractions become one of many families to spend the weekend. In addition to enjoying the view of the lake, you can fish, culinary tasting in a row around the shop or souvenir hunting. To get into the tourist attractions in Bekasi this, you are free.

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