10 Foods Betawi

Create Jakarta residents who do not know its own specialties, ane love special food menu menu Betawi.

1. Pickles Betawi

Betawi pickles is one of the typical food Betawi.
Betawi pickles contains sprouts, carrots, cucumber, tofu, noodles crackers, vinegar and seasoning, the right combination for fine dining during the day.

2. Chicken Sampyok

Chicken Sampyok, luxurious dishes with a touch of Betawi city that surrounds the taste chinese chicken tender meat. Keep in mind, two-layer process “pembumbuan” done to get a taste of this delicious chicken Sampyok. So savory up into the chicken was continued until the end of the meal.

3. Beer pletok

Beer is one of the drinks pletok Betawi. Frills beer on this drink does not mean it contains alcohol. Beer pletok precisely the fitness drink from a natural herb that has a variety of properties. One of them, can overcome the problem of sleeplessness aka insomnia.

4. Dodol Betawi

Lunkhead this legit actually not lose its luster with lunkhead Garut. Unfortunately not easy to find lunkhead Betawi in the capital, only in villages located Dodo Kalibata numbers only. We will easily find lunkhead Betawi because the region is a center of production and sales lunkhead Betawi.

5. Gado Gado Betawi

Gado-gado, Betawi famous food with freshness. However, different from the usual hodgepodge, jumble Mrs. Romlah famous rice cake with spicy taste. No wonder, if the vegetables sprinkled with peanut sauce racikannya popularly known as hodgepodge firecrackers.

6. Flower Shake

Flower rocking probably originally a Chinese Peranakan food or Peranakan Chinese people who adopt these foods into their diet? Do not know ya … clear in Singapore, orang2 also familiar with this rocking flower cake.

7. crust Egg

Egg crust is one of the typical regional food Betawi. These foods are made from materials such as, among others, white glutinous rice, eggs or duck eggs, ebi (shrimp dry) and dry roasted grated coconut and fried onions, red peppers, kencur, ginger, pepper, salt and sugar as complementary spice.

How to make food is quite unique because it is not cooked on the stove, but cooked on the coals. Wholesalers occasionally invert the skillet egg crust so that the surface of the egg crust also baked and cooked evenly as he fanned the embers fan that stays on. Once dried and cooked egg crust is ready to be served.

8. Keredok

Keredok is typical regional food Betawi, precisely Jakarta. The cuisine is very unique because all the vegetables in a fresh state, without going through the cooking process so that the nutrients and fiber is very dense.

9. Ketoprak Betawi

Betawi traditional food is quite a lot of fans. Pieces of rice cake, sprinkles sprouts and rice noodles mixed with peanut sauce mlekoh substantial enough for this afternoon. Not hard to find Ketoprak, because almost in every corner of the city there.

Name Ketoprak sure everyone knew. Traditional food is fairly easy to find in Jakarta. Usually vendors selling Ketoprak around with using a cart. But now some restaurants also provide Ketoprak as one of their menu.

10. Coconut Cake Root

Ever heard cake coconut roots? Traditional cake Betawi people in Jakarta is usually found during Eid or Eid. Food has become one of the mandatory dish was served during the holidays.

Some people call it a cake Bekasi be born. Named cake coconut roots, because it looks like the roots of coconut. While the so-called cookies be born, because when fried dough slowly diprocotkan or removed using perforated tube end.

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