10 By-by Typical Bandung Most Famous

Who can deny the charm of Bandung? The city became a kind of complete package for everyone. You can come to Bandung for any reason from nature tourism, culinary tourism to shopping.

Spend one or two days is certainly not enough to explore Bandung. You have to go back to your hometown and work as usual. So that the city can still be remembered till the time you are back again menjejaknya, take 10 souvenirs typical home Bandung following:

1. Bananas Bollen Kartika Sari

You do not get here if missed Kartika Sari. Stores are headquartered in H. Akbar Road No. 4, Kebon Kawung, this provides a delicious banana typical Bollen, which certainly will keep you hooked. Kartika Sari Bollen banana style is a pioneer banana Bollen in Bandung and has long been a by-the obligatory when visiting the Flower City.

Bollen banana is popular since the 1970s and is still using the original recipe down termurun, so the taste is guaranteed not to change. Various flavors can be found here ranging from cheese, chocolate until the durian. In addition, there are a variety of pastries and other delicious pastries such as pastels, risoles, croquettes, steamed brownies rainbow and also Bagelen.

Currently, Kartika Sari opened many branches in Bandung, Jakarta and several other cities. However, buying in his home town will give you a different sensation.

2. Obese Mrs Ong

Obese Mrs Ong shall you enter into the list of souvenirs shall Bandung. Located at Jalan Dr. Djunjunan 155E, this shop is always full of shoppers. Obese itself is processed beef which is also popularly known as ‘jerked’. Pieces of meat that has been digeprek and thinned will be arranged with a stick to keep the fiber is not destroyed when cooked.

Not only beef, obese Mrs Ong also provide processed chicken meat. With creativity, obese is processed in various variants such as the original beef, salty beef, extra spicy beef, beef less sugar, original chicken and spicy chicken. Once you arrive home, immediately prepare a plate of warm rice. Obese Mrs Ong very delicious eaten with rice with smoke still billowing.

3. Roll Picnic Prima Taste

Creativity Bandung citizens in creating delicious culinary indeed admirable. You have to buy Picnic Roll Prima Taste. Picnic roll is processed minced meat that had been given previously seasoning, put together the pastry shell boiled eggs, then baked until lightly browned. It feels? No need is you doubt deliciousness.

Picnic roll is available in two variants, namely beef and chicken were equally delicious. In addition to picnic roll, another mainstay menu at Prima Taste is brownies, pudding and mousse cake mouse.

Until now, Prima Taste just opened a branch in the city alone. This is due to concerns about the quality of the product can be decreased if the store is opening a branch in another city. All the pastry and cake Prima Taste produced in a centralized kitchen at Myrtle Street and then distributed to the other branch stores including those in Pasirkaliki street. Not surprisingly, the quality of the resulting taste as good and did not disappoint the audience.

4. Surabi

Who does not know surabi as special snacks Bandung? Surabi this time not only be enjoyed in this city alone. You can take it home as a souvenir for your beloved family. Surabi this time could not be considered ‘food village’. Various flavors surabi has been created, it makes a delicious dish surabi be with the times.

One place that provides surabi as souvenirs Surabi Enhaii Bandung is located in Jalan Setiabudi. You are free to choose surabi variety of flavors ranging from oncom, durian cheese, chicken eggs cheese until raisins.

5. Peuyeum

Not hard to find peuyeum in Bandung. Peuyeum or more commonly referred to as the tape is already synonymous with the city of Bandung. Peuyeum are sold in the center by-by, one of them in the area of Jalan Cihampelas. Typically, this peuyeum hung in front of the stall so travelers to easily identify places that sell peuyeum.

Peuyeum is a product processed from cassava. How to make it pretty easy. Cassava is already cleaned and then boiled. After that, cassava dtaburi yeast and stored in an enclosed place. Peuyeum has enjoyed 2-3 days later. Peuyeum popular duo citizens being able to cause effects in the body warm in the cool air tends to cool city.

6. Oncom Raos

One more traditional culinary Bandung are not to be missed is oncom. Oncom a processed product of fermented beans. This oncom could then be used as raw material for making other delicious dishes, one of which is a much-loved fried oncom.

Oncom Raos is one of the places that provide refined products oncom. Located at Jalan Cihampelas 91 B, it is not difficult to find a place this culinary tour because it is close to the popular shopping center is Cihampelas Walk. Not only oncom fried, place that has existed for more than 40 years also provides a variety of other types of souvenirs such as a variety of chips, banana sale and also a variety of sweets.

7. Angklung

Angklung is a traditional musical instrument of Bandung which is recognized worldwide. A musical instrument made of bamboo is able to produce a combination of beautiful melodies while playing. One place that continues to maintain and develop traditional arts are Saung Angklung Udjo. Located at Jalan Padasuka, Saung Angklung Udjo visited by many tourists from home and abroad.

Once satisfied to see the incredible staging, do not forget to buy souvenirs here. You can buy angklung as souvenirs for family and friends. Besides sold as a musical instrument, available also in the form of miniature anglung keychain and decoration table or wall.

8. Bags and Shoes typical typical Cibaduyut

There is pride in itself when purchasing genuine domestic product. If you’ve been fond of fashion products made overseas, try visiting the region Cibaduyut. Along the way, you’ll find a row of shops that showcase a variety of merchandise. You are a shopaholic, is expected to refrain.

Here is the flagship product in the bag and shoe leather. Domestically-made products are in fact no less ciamik of foreign-made. Design handbags and shoes are available also beautiful and fashionable. In addition to bags and shoes, you also can find purses, belts, sandals and a variety of other accessories.

9. Clothing style Factory Outlet Bandung

Bandung is famous all with factory outlet. For people in Jakarta and surrounding areas, come to Bandung means come to shop. Once satisfied hunting bags and leather shoes Cibaduyut region, now is the time in a row the entire stock clothing factory outlets mushrooming in the city.

Some of the favorite tourist area is Jalan Dago, Cihampelas Street and Jalan Riau. Being in these places, you will lose track of time and immersed in a variety of fashions newest results creativity Bandung residents. Do not forget to prepare more funds yes, because it could be your crazy shopping here.

10. Arts, Crafts Lembang

Lembang area is not only interesting as a natural tourist attractions and culinary course, it turns out this region also has a variety of unique and interesting crafts to serve as a souvenir. Some of them are not to be missed is woven bags, ceramics and various handicrafts from bamboo. Please come to the Highway Lembang and best temuakan souvenirs for loved ones at home.

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