10 attractions in West Java that deserve a visit

West Java province closest to Jakarta. West Java is often the choice of a holiday weekend because the population of Jakarta is close and easily accessible. There are many tourist attractions in West Java, but the tourist attractions in West Java which one worth visiting?

1. Pelabuhan Ratu Beach

Located on the south coast of West Java, Pelabuhan Ratu Beach popular beaches that have the characteristics of a large and powerful waves, ideal for surfing. Contained in Pelabuhan Ratu Beach hotel facilities, from large and luxurious to the small and cheap. Along the beach you can find many seafood restaurants. Local communities also have the confidence to be Queen of the South, the ruler of the southern sea.

2. waterfall Cikaso

Cikaso waterfall is a large and beautiful waterfall located in Sukabumi. Waterfall Cikaso have the three waterfalls that coexisted with a height of about 80 meters and a width of approximately 100 meters cliff. When the sun is shining, there is a possibility you can see a small rainbow in this waterfall. Tourist sites Cikaso waterfall waterfall located near the beach Edge tiles.

3. Mekarsari

Mekarsari located in Bogor, is one of the largest tropical fruit preservation center in the world with an area of 264 hectares. Apart from being a research and cultivation of seeds, this place is also a tourist spot in West Java which is suitable for all ages. Besides having a very complete collection of plants, Mekarsari can also be a means of education suitable for children, a family picnic, tour the orchard, vegetable garden tour, and events company.

4. Taman Bunga Nusantara

Taman Bunga Nusantara within 2 hours of Jakarta is a flower garden of 23 acres. Here, in addition to thousands of species of flowers, there is also an entertainment facility that is suitable for the family as a natural vehicle for the imagination, a mini theater, swan lake, garden maze, musical fountain, carpets of flowers, garden roses, and others. Taman Bunga Nusantara also has a picnic spot for a picnic with your family, and a viewing tower that serves to see the beauty of the park as a whole.

5. Goa Buniayu

Goa Buniayu located in Sukabumi, about 5 hours drive from Jakarta. Cave adventure tourism activities are not too popular, but for those who love adventure, this cave is suitable. In this cave you will see stalagmites and stalaktik beautiful, but before you have to go down a vertical cave and pass eternal darkness. In the cave there are also animals that can not be found in the earth’s surface. To complete this challenge, you are required to have a fit body condition and adequate rest as explore the cave is an activity that is very tiring and exciting.

6. Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran Beach is located in the southeast of West Java has been named as the best beach in the province of West Java. The specialty of this beach is that you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset on the beach, fine white sand, clear water and clean, as well as the completeness of tourism facilities. Pangandaran Beach is well known that during the holiday will be filled with tourists from various regions, to cause all lodging Pangandaran Beach is full, even some who set up a tent on the beach because it is not getting the inn.

7. Green Canyon

With shady trees, green cliffs, crystal clear rivers, and caves are filled with beautiful stalagmite and stalactite, Green Canyon is a tourist spot in the southern part of West Java, the most popular. You can enjoy the beauty of the Green Canyon in various ways, either by using outboard boat, paddle boat, or with your body. To achieve Green Canyon indeed take a long time, about 9 hours drive from Jakarta, but you will not regret after enjoying the beauty of the Green Canyon incredible.

8. River Rafting Citarik

Citarik River located in Sukabumi is one of the tourist attractions in West Java, the most popular because it is suitable for Citarik river rafting. Citarik rafting rafting is most famous for the residents of Jakarta since long. Citarik river is not deep, but it has a lot of rocks so that you will get a challenge to pass the stones and conquer Citarik River. Citarik river water flow is relatively not too heavy so it is suitable for anyone, including those that have never played the previous rafting. Citarik river lovers tend packed outdoor activities during the weekend.

9. River Rafting Cicatih

Cicatih river rafting is an alternative game in Sukabumi is quite popular. With heavy water flow and depth of the river fairly deep, the river has a level of difficulty and challenge higher than Citarik River but still safe for everyone, including those who can not swim. I myself prefer rafting Cicatih of the rafting Citarik because more exciting and challenging.

10. Ujung Genteng Beach

Ujung Genteng Beach tiles are located in Sukabumi is about 200 kilometers from Jakarta. It most unique of the Ujung Genteng Beach tiles is that you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset at the same time in one location. Ujung Genteng Beach tiles are suitable location for surfing because of the characteristics of the southern coast of big waves and strong. The beach is also favored by turtles, many turtles that come to this beach so you can see turtles here. In August, many turtles that lay their eggs on this beach.

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